Computer Repair

Have a problem with your desktop or laptop computer? We can get it sorted out for you. There's no supplement for our experience.

Computer Repair Services

Broken Screens

Virus Removals

Operating System Installs

Full PC Diagnostics

Antivirus Programs

Power Supply Installs

Memory Upgrades

Hard Drive Replacements

Password Removals

Software Troubleshooting

New & Refurbished Computer Sales

Keyboards and Peripherals

Power Jack Repair

Battery Replacement

Mousepad and Chassis Repair



I want an estimate. How do I get one?   If you need an estimate for a problem, please stop by our Lewistown location for an estimate or contact us below to schedule an Onsite Visit for us to come out to your home or business.

How much does a diagnostic cost?   Please know, that due to shop volume and expenses, you may be subject to a $20 minimum diagnostic fee to receive a full diagnostic and quote for a problem if you decline proceeding with a repair. If you choose to have a repair done, the diagnostic fee is waived.

How long will it take to repair?   Our average turnaround time is usually a day or two, depending on part availablility. If parts are in stock, it can sometimes just take a few minutes. If we need to wait for a special order part, we install the part the very same day we receive the part in the mail.

Is my computer worth fixing?   Repairs are almost always cheaper than buying a new system. If we feel a repair will exceed the value of the system, we will be upfront and honest with you and let you know that it may not be worth it and you should consider replacing the machine. We usually have new and used machines in stock at our location should your machine fall under this rare category and need replaced.

Can I trust you with my system and it's data?   Of course, we are the most professional and reliable place around. If you have any doubts, ask around. Our thousands of clients will be happy to tell you about their great experience they've had with us.

Do you offer a warranty?   Yes, we do! With any repair we include a 30 day warranty. The only thing sometimes excluded from this warranty is virus removals, since you could easily go to the wrong website the next day and get a completely different virus.

Can you walk me though my problem over the phone?   We will try our best to answer your questions, but keep in mind we have many differen't paying customer's devices that we must finish for them. We may decide to answer a question or two, but since one question usually always leads to another, and it's best that you bring it in or schedule a remote support appointment so we can take a look at it. We do offer tutoring though as well as remote support contracts.